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We’ll discuss …hypnosis, hypnotherapy and other topics … self hypnosis, mass Hypnosis, vibrational energy, universal laws including LOA, add in relationship skills as well as Holistic Hypnotherapy (it’s a mind body spirit thing) and we’ll get into Health and wellness, too, the eating/drinking/exercising AND your thoughts because it’s all connected and affects everything…. 

… And now, here’s where it goes awry, because we’re going to talk about psy ops, conspiracy theories, aliens and alien abductees, as well as your life defense mechanisms… oh, you name it, it is A-to-Z, baby, I am here for you and ready to go deep as you all want to go…And even into your subconscious (but ONLY with your permission : ) 

And remember, I’m here to be, do and serve YOU

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