About Me

In addition to sharing creative beauty in all its forms, and the wanderlust style traveling and ex-pat living I’ve done and really all things Zen, I wanted to share my other areas of Zen expertise, Holistic Hypnotherapy…
(and sarcastic humor, but more about that in a blog post!)

Let’s think of all this ‘sharing’ as a Mind*Body*Spirit* Luvfest kind of thing

…so just a few words rather than a whole bio,
because – I don’t want to bore you
I want to INSPIRE you to enjoy all of life by tuning in on what just ‘feels right’
(fill in ‘right’ with meaningful, fun, good vibes, decadent, funny, just plain GOOD and or grab your own adjective if you want to…)

I’ve been into beauty and the whole health/wellness and Mind*Body*Spirit thing for a long time, I just added LUV because without a big dose of that, what’s the point…and I do mean self love, love of others, love of life and all the good stuff in it! 

So I’ll share this…my first incarnation was as a hairstylist bc well, aestetics, and when you look good, you feel better and more confident.
Ask anyone who’s just gotten their hair done (or lost a few unwanted kilos)…

…and one thing I noticed is that once you run your fingers through someone’s hair, something unexplainable happen. People open up and talk, it’s an intimate act and as a person and a client, they wanted to be heard and understood (and especially bc I was holding scissors in my hands) 

Funny things happened on the way to the blow dry though, these same people would often seek life advice on just about everything; handling difficult situations with significant other(s), kids, bosses and even challenging strangers.

I felt it was my honor and duty really, to help to positively reframe their outlook and give assertive not aggressive strategies to assist…of course, we reserved all snarky and ‘I should’ve said’ remarks for the fun conversational part of the ‘service’ bc they do serve a purpose, it’s called ‘venting’ though always do that with a trusted friend or hairstylist …please!

The second incarnation as a women’s clothing sales representative, again…aestetics, people who look good generally just feel better about themselves…and it taught me that much of our outer life is reflected in our bodies and how we carry ourselves – and those stylish clothes. 

Our inner reflection of self is often clear to ourselves and others by simply observing our physiology, how we carry ourselves and by how we feel about our own bodies (when no one is looking). 

Are we comfortable in our own skin? 

Are we nourishing it? 

Are we thinking good thoughts about it? 

Are we thinking good thoughts in GENERAL? 

I think we called this ‘attitude’ … but truly your thoughts shape everything about you…Your outlook/worldview, Your body and how you take care of it, Your spirit and what you believe and not believe…and how do you take in life’s beauty whether or not you practice organized religion or spirituality. 

It’s all about congruent and conscious living. 

For me, becoming a Hypnotherapist was just taking those earlier experiences to the next level … and no matter what I talk about on this blog, because my interests are many and varied but number one is definitely people! 

Studying the subconscious mind is just part of taking the question,
‘What makes people tick?’ up a notch and I love sharing that knowledge one-on-one, and as I’m planning right now, using video and/or a podcast eventually…

In my practice, all sessions are done via Skype or Zoom and it’s a journey starting where you’re at in your personal evolution; and just guiding it to happen in its own way and in its own good time. We do no blame, no shame and no judgement sessions and your participation is what propels it.

To wrap this ‘bio’ for now, I’ll leave you with this…

Watch the thoughts and words you say/think about yourself, your subconscious is listening and taking notes

Lillian aka Zen can be reached at +1 310-503-6349 or zendevin@gmail.com